This is a story from a patient who was in desperate need of help. You are not likely this bad off, but it highlights how a few simple things can make a huge impact.

“In a nutshell… Dr. Altman saved my life. When I first came to Dr. Altman 6 weeks ago I felt hopeless. I’m 36 years old and I truly felt that I was dying. I was so deeply entrenched in medical problems and worries since I was 6 years old, but I didn’t care what medications I took just as long as I could temporarily feel better. After all I thought didn’t have much longer to live, even my body support this feeling.

I was lethargic, depressed, forgetful, and had pain everywhere. I was taking 2 to 10 Ibuprofen a day. I was going through a bottle of antacids per week. This was in addition to my prescription. For asthma allergies and high blood pressure, but I was still having health problems.

I was referred to Dr. Altman and after my first adjustment I felt like new and I could actually move around without being stiff or in pain. I was put on a special diet with supplements (Catalyn and Organic minerals). Each week that passed, I was able to ween myself off, of different medications and I didn’t have any more problems with heart burn or body aches, and I have more energy and can even work out without using my asthma rescue inhaler. I even lost 10 pounds without even trying.

So, now I am down to one medication and a standby asthma inhaler, which I rarely use. A big triumph was getting off the prednisone, which I have been on for almost a year. It was indeed killing me.

No, it’s not easy avoiding food, I crave, Nor is it a simple thing to force myself to exercise on certain days, but the results are worth it. I still have work to do. But with Dr. Altman’s everlasting kindness and knowledge we’ve accomplished so much in so little time, and we’ll continue to see results. I am hopeful and I feel alive. People have noticed this at work. I’d have at least 10 different people mentioned how good and healthy I look. I am and forever grateful to Dr. Altman for saving my life.”

– Monica Spees

I wanted to let you read this to highlight two points.

#1 She improved significantly when her body started functioning better with chiropractic adjustments.

#2 She improved even more when she added nutritional supplements back into her life.

This lady suffered for 30 years because she lacked these two fundamental things in her life. How on earth do problems develop? In our modern society they start with lack of nutrition. Five years after Monica was born, a report was issued that highlighted the coming epidemic of problems.

In 1977, Senator George McGovern released a report stating that obesity would soon be the number one form of malnutrition and rising medical costs. Yes, you read that right, even back then, they recognized obesity as malnutrition. But, in true governmental fashion, it was rewritten by food manufacturing lobbyists. The adulteration of foods kicked into high gear.

So why does that matter?

Processing of food either creates a void of vitamins and minerals or it renders them useless. Let me give you an example, “natural forms of vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol) lose up to ninety-nine percent of there potency when separated from their natural synergists, (tannins, fatty acids and phospholipids).” Annual Rev. Biochemistry, 1943, P.381

Yes, you read that right, 1943. We’ll come back to that historical stuff later. But, maybe I can give you a better example of what they were saying.

Lets say I cut off your leg. Once the bleeding stops, and you have stopped hopping around, take a look at your severed leg. Thats your leg, it was part of you, it has your DNA. How useful is it to you laying on the ground? This is what happens when vitamins are ripped apart. It may look like a vitamin, but it no longer functions the way it is supposed to.

So how useful do you think that is to your body?

Here’s a tip for you. This same example happens in processed food.

You can spot this adulteration when you see the words “Enriched” on a package. If it helps you, when I see the words “enriched” I think of severed legs. You can easily find a grocery store filled with useless vitamins, but what about the vitamins that are simply missing.

The hunt continues.

Also, in 1943, D.T. Quigley M.D. wrote the book “The National Malnutrition”. This is from my personal copy.

On Page 54
“A study of the requirements for normal nutrition and a study as to how well the average dietary meets these requirements leads to the conclusion that the average diet of the average civilized person of the present time is a deficient diet. Civilization has brought with it factory foods, and factory foods have in no way contributed to health. On the contrary, in every case where factory foods have been adopted, health has been seriously impaired.”

Now that was written in 1943. We are more than 70 years in the future. Do you think we eat more processed foods or less than we did 70 years ago?

Lets go back a little farther in time, to 1933. Dr. Quigley also wrote about the destructive nature of the milling of flour. Because the B vitamins are ripped out (to increase the shelf life), he has correlated that to the rise of heart disease.

This is one of the reasons you see “vitamins” listed on “enriched” grain product labels. They will be listed as Thiamine mononitrate, or riboflavin or any number of B vitamin fractions. Remember my severed leg example. Once you rip the vitamins into pieces, they no longer function.

To follow up on this, in 1946, the University of Minnesota published a study of cattle fed degerminated grain, just like commercial milled flour. The cows gained weight and looked healthy, except for one problem. They would suddenly drop dead of a heart attack.

The amount of literature and research done more than 50 years ago, into nutrition and disease, is nothing short of staggering. In fact, I find it very scary. You can find research comparing isolated populations to modern ones, research on processed foods, pasteurizing of milk, and soil destruction from NPK farming that dominates today. Modern farming practices are a prime reason the vitamin and mineral contents have been dropping over the years.

As a small indicator, the lab we use to test patients for omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies, has found 91% of those tested were deficient in essential fatty acids. What I find scary about that, is the fact that they are not named “optional fatty acids”, they are named “essential” because they are essential to your body.

It should be quite obvious that most people need more vitamins and minerals than they are getting. You simply can’t eat enough food to over come deficiencies. The sad thing is, that this was known back in 1911. I kid you not. A dentist named Dr. Royal Lee started research on the hormone system of the body and its relationship to nutrition back then.

You might be thinking, how can this be more than a 100 year old problem? The simplest answer is that the Roller Mill used to make white flour was first set up in Vienna, in 1839.

By 1929, the first multivitamin was formulated by Dr. Royal Lee. It was formulated to help the welfare of his sick mother. He named it “Catalyn” because “of the fact that vitamins are organic catalysts” – Royal Lee

I want you to realize Royal Lee wasn’t your average Joe. But, every G.I. Joe can thank him. He holds more than 100 patents, but the one that made him most memorable was for a centrifugal switch for controlling the speed of a small motor. It may not sound exciting, but at that time, the worlds smartest electrical engineers from the largest companies, could never solve the problem.

In WWII, every plane carried at least one of Dr. Lee’s switches. Dr. Lee’s invention greatly increased the accuracy of firing mechanisms of the war planes, battleships, and bombers. Because of this, he has been called “the Savior of the U.S. Navy”. With all of his electrical and mechanical genius, Dr. Lee said, “I consider our research on natural vitamins far more important than any of these engineering discoveries,” “There is actually more research in one vitamin tablet than there is in the whole gun sight that saved the Navy.”

The vitamin tablet he is talking about is “Catalyn”. This isn’t a trendy multilevel level product, it isn’t a national brand that adds a miraculous trace mineral, newly discovered, every year, it isn’t new and improved, it doesn’t come from a remote jungle, it was formulated by a genius, that spent years researching human nutritional deficiencies.

Catalyn contains 15 whole food ingredients. It is the same recipe as it was in 1929. I’ve just found that patients need a little more of it now, than they were taking back then.

This is a very different way of looking at a multivitamin. If you grab a retail multivitamin off the shelf, you’ll typically see in the ingredients list a bunch of chemical names and various other ingredients you likely have never heard of. They are fractionated pieces of whole complexes, much like my severed leg example. In Catalyn, you will easily recognize the first ingredient as “wheat germ” and the second one as “carrot”. To give you an idea of the power of whole foods, a carrot has 200 known phytonutrients. If you wanted to get real technical you could breakdown each whole food into it’s known components, but you’d get a small book, every time you’d buy a bottle.

1949, a full 20 years after Catalyn’s official release to the world. I should pause for a moment. The next paragraph was deemed so controversial, over 40 years ago the federal court ordered the writings and research of Dr. Lee to be destroyed. Can you believe that? He is researching and teaching about food and vitamins in a natural, unadulterated form. How scandalous?

So you are probably wondering how I have it? His research was published as newsletters and mailed to thousands of doctors. After his death the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health spent nearly 4 years locating and consolidating this lost material.

“We believe that the first and commonest symptom of deficiency requiring ‘Catalyn’ is fatigue. Truly, we consider ‘Catalyn’ as ‘fine food for fatigue’…Why? Simply because it contains such a variety of scarce nutrients, not a high content of a few. It contains practically every trace mineral needed in nutrition, according to spectrographic tests. They are not added by us. They are normally present as an integral part of the food concentrates, in organic combination, and inseparable from the vitamins and enzyme factors of which they are activated.” -Dr. Royal Lee

To me in 2015, this hardly seems controversial, let alone worth destroying. But back then, during the rise of the processed food industry this type of research could have crushed them. It’s too late now, but if you start learning about better nutrition and whole food supplements, you can save yourself and your family.

The very next sentence, “How can we tell you what the potency of such a product may be? It is something you or your patient must experience.”

I’ve been in practice for 16 years now and I can say without a doubt a chiropractic adjustment has saved thousands and thousands of people a lifetime of pain and suffering, myself included. The MOST consistent limiting factor to the healing of a patient, is the lack of nutrition, that properly supplies the body, the raw building blocks to heal with.

Just like Monica, at the beginning of this article, a chiropractic adjustment, Catalyn, and Organic minerals turned her entire life around.

Here is my challenge to you and the world. Start by taking Catalyn daily. It’s not a panacea to fix all problems, but it’s a good start to increasing the nutritional value, you are giving your body daily. Most people, notice a boost in energy, just like Dr. Lee said, “fine food for fatigue”. This is just a test, start by taking 3/day, then 6/day, then 9/day, then 12/day, then 15/ day. Notice how each amount makes you feel. If you feel better, or have more energy, then there is a good chance you are running low on nutrients. This isn’t a stimulant, this is actual food. This isn’t fractionated, isolated vitamin pieces, this is actual food. Take it, learn from it, and if you are reading this outside of the Salt Lake valley, call Standard Process, 800-558-8740 (the makers of Catalyn) and find a local chiropractor to get it.

If you have questions, just send me an email (docaltman{at} gmail.com).