“Unfortunately about half of the viruses in cases that we’ve identified this season are different than the ones that are included in this year’s vaccine. The vaccine won’t protect against these viruses.”
This is from WebMd 2014.
Alrighty then, so now what? I’m been writing about this same issue for nearly 15 years now. I’m going to fill you in on how it ends. Every year, it’s a failure. But….next year it’ll be better. That’s the story this fall. It’s the story every fall. You’ll never survive if you don’t get the shot.
You can’t even go buy groceries without being inundated with ads to get the flu shot. The signs are pretty and the message is sweet as cotton candy. You won’t get sick if you let us inject you. You are getting very sleepy. You have to do this because your body is useless. You have no power to resist germs without our chemicals.
Here’s why the vaccine fails. It’s not a natural exposure. The virus has a lot of strains, and it mutates well. Plus, it’s not why people get sick.
Huh? Stay with me for a sec.
If you go to into a classroom and 10 kids are coughing and 20 kids aren’t, what’s the difference?
Option 1:
Did the virus mutate to a non-harmful form as it flies through the air?
Option 2:
Or perhaps are the 20 non-sick kids just healthier and more resistant?
Weakness is attacked in nature. So what brings you down?
#1 The lack of exercise in the winter tends to drop peoples health
#2 The lack of sunshine tends to drop vitamin D levels
#3 Holidays tend to spike the sugar intake
#4 Holiday stress can overwhelm your immune system.
All these can lead to a drop in the immune system. Now, obviously there are  other outliers. If you are already infected with a nasty virus or parasite, your immune system is already working overtime. If you are loaded with heavy metals or other toxins, those will drag you down. If your adrenal glands are beat down like tenderized meat, you don’t have a strong front line defense now, and viruses walk right through your front door.
All of these would have to be dealt with separately.
So how can you make a difference? 
As the cookie trays get passed around the pounds can add to your waistline faster than Santa can deliver toys. Also, Sugar is the single toughest thing on the immune system. If you can minimize your sugar intake, it will keep you much healthier this winter.
My favorite ways to keep my immune system humming at top speed.
I get adjusted. A chiropractic adjustment to keep my nervous system functioning is number one. I can’t even remember all the patients (especially kids) who flew through winter with no illness after they started getting adjusted. When I was in school I’d get 3-4 adjustments at the first sign of trouble and I’d be 80-100% better the next day. Nothing else.
Cataplex C from Standard Process. This is such a powerful supplement, especially during winter. This is the single best nutrient for the immune system. Real, natural vitamin C makes your white blood cells work better. Don’t confuse real, natural vitamin C with 500mg. of Ascorbic acid. They aren’t the same thing.
Immuplex from Standard Process. This is a supplement with all the nutrients for the immune system in one package. If you get sick easily, or you need to rebuild, you likely need this. I take it as a preventative. A well nourished immune system is a good thing.
Cod Liver Oil. This has some serious power for two reasons. Besides natural vitamin C, Vitamin A in probably the next most powerful vitamin then vitamin D. Well, cod liver oil has vitamins A & D naturally occurring. This is not the case with regular fish oil. Read more here.
If you do those 4 things, it will be really tough to get sick. The only thing that can trump those 4 and bring you down will be high levels of stress and lack of sleep. Don’t underestimate those.
Something to ponder. If you are worried about the flu, you aren’t healthy. To a healthy person, the flu is just an inconvenience for a few days at most.
If you get sick and stay sick for an extended period of time, take that as a warning sign. Worse things are headed your way besides the flu, because your life and health are out of balance.
If you are overwhelmed and realizing that you don’t know where to start, reread the suggestions at the top. If you need more help you can start my
Rebuild With Nature Class series next year. Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel. It’s taken me 20 years and I still learn more. I can save you 20 years and help you rebuild your body.