Keep track of your score 0=never 10=always
1. How many selfies on your social media? 0-10+
2. Do you consider spray tan a BFF? 0-10
3. Would you be OK with looking AMAZING, but you have to feel like roadkill? 0-10
4. Do you look to cosmetics to change the appearance of your skin? 0-10
5. Do you forget to look at ingredients labels of Bathroom products? 0-10
6. Do you use perfumes to smell “pretty”? 0-10

0-19: You can skip to the end and start shopping online at Thrive Market.
20-39: You will want to skip to the end and go to the online cosmetic checkers. These are the best databases for info on toxicity. The FDA is worthless in this arena.
40-60: Keep reading.

What’s the largest organ in your body?

Ding…Ding…Ding…Correct, your skin.

This is an area most often over looked by nearly everyone. You are going to learn a lot about toxicity over the next few months so lets start big.

If you are eating organic (good job), and cooking your own whole food meals (once again, good job), are you still using commercial lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, spray tans, lipsticks?

If yes, then you’re doing it wrong.

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You’re poisoning the largest organ you have every day. Most of these cosmetics go right through your skin and into your body. Use the links at the end to check yours.

The most common side-effects listed?

Hormone problems…Nearly EVERY woman has these.
Cancer…1/3 Women will have this.

I don’t know Dr. Jones, but I like the graphic. It gives you a good summary. Click the picture to enlarge it.
SLCSAW Dr Altman Utah Chiro

The FDA has zero power or influence to change this. You have to take back your health. For example: mascara is still allowed to contain mercury. Are you kidding me! Hair straighteners are allowed to contain formaldehyde. Hello, cancer. Read more here

I know this from personal experience with a patient. We did hormone testing with her and the numbers were off the charts. She ate organic and had a pretty clean life, so I called the lab. They asked for a sample of her lotions and cosmetics and were kind enough to test them.

Sure enough, they were all laced with hormones. No joke, they aren’t labeled. That was 10 years ago.

The makers have free reign to put nearly anything in there under the label of fragrance. A few years ago I posted a picture on facebook from across the street on a bridge I was standing on of Abercrombie and Fitch. I could smell the store from up there.

These are potent chemicals. When women wear perfumes in the office, it always rubs off on my hands if I adjust their necks. It generally takes 4-5 hand washings over the next few hours to get the smell off.

Here’s what I tell my kids.

If you wear a perfume or a cologne you will instantly turn-off or offend 1/2 the people in your vicinity. That means if you go in for a job interview, you just decreased your odds by 50%.

If you smell like nothing but a clean human, you won’t offend anyone. If you do nothing else today, stop wearing perfume. You’ll be instantly 50% more popular.

I can already hear the moans. “What am I going to wear, or use for lotion, or wash my face with?”

Start learning…that’s the best way to make better choices. Look here at the major ingredients.

So you aren’t likely to change things over night. I get that. But, please be aware that you are exposed to toxins DAILY. So do something daily to combat that.

#1 Eat more cruciferous veggies and greens (Kale, Brussels sprouts, Broccoli)

#2 Re-read my article in March about daily detoxing. I take the product LIVAPLEX from Standard Process daily. You have to be taking care of your liver daily.

#3 Start thinking about doing the Purification Program in January. It’ll be on sale again. You can lose more weight and do yourself more good in January with that, than any gym membership.

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