It’s not a special diet or a new exercise.

Obviously, there are many things that are important. I can narrow it down to one thing. It’s not a magic jungle juice. It’s not a special exercise. It’s something I never saw before and never put the pieces together.

I was having lunch this past week with our massage therapist, Adriana, and we were talking about the office. We were talking about how to help people more and we inadvertently made this discovery.

About 80% of the patients do really well, but there is a rogue 20%. We want every one to do amazing. I know that’s not reality, but I still can try for it.

Where does success come from?

We analyzed the cases of the most amazing stories. The people who come in with so many problems and in a few months have none. The people who’s lives are completely different.

I thought it may be because they were naturally very happy, or patient, or kind, or even chatty and asked tons of questions. It wasn’t. Those are great qualities but those didn’t show up in every one.

Then out of the blue Adriana said they are “aware of their self care”.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s it, that’s the secret of health. That’s the one thing. “They put themselves first.” The super successful patients prioritize themselves and their health.

That concept may sound familiar. It was last month, when I wrote about breast cancer risks. The number one emotional risk factor for breast cancer is self sacrificing for others. The exact opposite of the secret of health.

You can really feel this idea of health priority in the last podcast I did. It’s #42 and it’s the most amazing health success story of the year. Why is it so amazing? She did not accept the idea that she was sick. She made herself and her health the number one priority.

Now, obviously you can’t just want to be healthy. It takes work. You still need to eat whole foods, exercise, go to the chiropractor, get your sleep,etc. Before all of that, your health has to be a priority. You need to put your self first. Sacrificing for others is a mark of adulthood. It’s a good thing to help others, but not when your health is suffering. Without your health nothing else matters. Nothing.

How do you develop it?

You have to dedicate time and maybe some money to health. For many people it’s not a natural thing. You will always find a reason not to do something you don’t like. I do it all the time. I’d suggest starting with one thing. Stick with it until you no longer have to think about it or put it in your planner. Change one habit at a time.

These are habits I most often see neglected.

1. Learn to cook. If you want to be healthy, you must cook.

2. Start some kind of exercise or activity.

3. Go to the chiropractor. The nerves in your spine control everything…so they are very important. Without good function, the joints of the spine can not nourish themselves. Exercise will not fix it if they are already damaged. Read this if you don’t believe me.

4. Take whole food supplements or herbs daily. They must have foods you recognize in the ingredients. Most supplements do not.

5. Put your self first. If you are busy and stressed out, say no to more requests of your time. Read the stress cheat sheet. If you have any health problem, keep looking for answers.

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Being healthy is hard work. Nothing really will work for you, long term, unless you possess the greatest health secret of all, to put yourself first and make your health a top priority.

-Dr. Altman
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P.S. There is one thing I do need to tell you about chiropractic. It’s necessary in today’s modern life of constant sitting and smart phone use. You can’t feel most of the low grade, slow damage, a chiropractor can. Read this for an example and to see the xrays of someone who didn’t listen to me.

P.P.S. Still not sure where to start. Pick one of these.
1. Obesity

2. Gray hair

3. Chronic pain

4. Digestive trouble

5. Ongoing illness

6. Fatigue