Start solving your fatigue problems tonight in your kitchen.

Today we’re going to be talking about ENERGY. For those of you who are struggling with fatigue, this might be your show of all shows. If you’re tired and can’t get out of bed in the morning or you just don’t have that zip and energy like you used to have. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff that could help you out a lot today.

This all started many, many years ago for myself because I was just tired all the time. I couldn’t get out of bed very well. At one point, it was about ten snooze alarms into the morning and my wife pretty much had to actually kick me out of bed because I couldn’t get up. That was a problem and I had to come to some realizations that I was working too hard, so I cut back on the hours that I worked. That’s where I am today. I work fewer hours and that’s okay, because I’m a lot happier and I can actually go out and have fun and play with my kids and do things that I sometimes was not able to do.

Today we’re tackling fatigue, so that you can get back to your normal life. There are some other crazy things that can cause fatigue. I will just tell you from my own personal experience, I’ve had two bouts of extreme fatigue. One of them was lifestyle related. The other was actually a parasite. That’s a very difficult one to diagnose, very difficult to find. That took me a long time. But when all the basics didn’t work, all the fatigue stuff didn’t work, that we’re going to cover today, then we start turning you over lots and lots of different little rocks and looking for the obscure things.

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Fortunately, I’ve had many problems so that I can teach you things that will help you. So as soon as I did the parasite protocol within 2 weeks, I felt like a million bucks.

Today is about looking at the basics. If the stuff that we talk about today doesn’t really work, then you might want to check in with me outside of the podcast and blog. You can always reach me via email at docaltman@gmail.com.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, or if hitting a snooze alarm, this is for you. Obviously, if you’re working nightshifts this doesn’t really apply to you. If you have a normal life, normal shift and you can’t get up in the morning or you have multiple snooze alarms, pay attention.

If you can’t fall asleep easily at night, or if you wake up between 2 and 4 AM. If you are what we call wired but tired, that means you can go, go, go and as soon as you sit down, you get super tired. This is for you. If you have the second wind at night where all of a sudden you’re pretty tired and then boom, you wake up and you’re like “Hey let’s go out.” This is a second adrenal kick and that’s not good.

If you crave salt, if you crave sugar, crave caffeine, this is for you. If you have a low blood pressure or if you’re light headed when you stand up, this is especially for you. If you have a blood pressure cuff at home, you can actually do a quick little check of your own. You should take your blood pressure sitting up then take it laying down, it should be lower when you lay down. But when you get up, it should rise. But if it doesn’t rise, trouble is brewing. That’s about a $4,000-test if you go to the hospital. Not kidding!

Anyway if you get dizzy when you stand up, that is almost a giveaway that there’s something wrong in the adrenal glands and we can discuss that later in the office.

This is how to slowly get back to the basics. Obviously, there’s lifestyle issues for most people because most people live this go, go, go life where they pretty much feel like they have to be constantly busy. That’s actually not healthy for you. Your brain and your body needs some idle time. They need some down time. They need some time to rejuvenate and recuperate. If you’re not ever giving yourself time, you are basically whipping the tired horse. Eventually, you can’t keep whipping the horse. It’s going to just stop running no matter how hard you whip, because it’s out of energy.

That’s when we start looking at the adrenal glands because your adrenaline is being used. More importantly, you’re going to see cortisol getting used up, which is a hormone that acts as a backup energy system. That is something that we can measure in a test.

If you really are screwed up and you’re really wondering, we can actually map out all these hormones. There’s only one lab that I know of that does this very well and that’s Diagnostechs. The problem is, if you go into a hospital and go “Hey, test my adrenals or my cortisol or my DHA levels.” They’re going to do it when you walk in the door. There’s a problem with that, because they fluctuate throughout the day. They’re actually higher in the morning and then your cortisol tails off by midnight to almost non-existent. Then it rises through the night to wake you up. People who can’t go to sleep, they generally have an early cortisol rise or spike. If you can’t get out of bed, it means you’re so darn tired and you simply just cannot make enough hormones to actually wake your body up. We can map that out and there are ways to fix those things naturally.

It’s always better to map them out so you know what you are doing. Some people are taking supplements that they shouldn’t be taking. They’re taking them at the wrong times because the adrenals are cyclical. They cycle high in the morning for certain hormones and low in the evening. You watch a commercial and go “Hey this is cortistim or cortislim or whatever”.

If you’re not taking it at the right time, you could actually be making your problems worse. By all means, consult with the doctor, consult with me. Get some testing done if this relates to you because it really helps us specifically target when and what to take because they are different, morning versus night problems. You don’t take the same supplement in the morning that you would necessarily take in the evening depending on the problems.

What can you do right now to get yourself back to a normal level. This alone might help you. But if it doesn’t solve all the problems, then you want to get the testing or at least talk to me. This is a way for you to start back to ground zero.

What you want to do is change your diet ‘til you’re eating every 2 hours. A lot of people have blood sugar problems because they’re eating way too many carbohydrates. The problem is, as your blood sugar spikes eventually it crashes because of the insulin dump. If the crash is too hard, your body will dump cortisol from your adrenals into your system to raise your blood sugar. That will further perpetuate an adrenal burn out. But if you eat every 2 hours, it maintains a normal blood sugar level and it doesn’t have such big spikes. It’s a less of a hit to your adrenals.

You also want to avoid stimulants, caffeine, sugar and even alcohol to some degree because they work by provoking the adrenals to kick in cortisol and epinephrine. It will raise your blood sugar which further releases more energy and dumps more adrenal hormones out.

You want to avoid junk food, ALL processed foods because, they cannot rebuild the body. We talk about this a lot. But it’s critically important because I still have people coming in every day eating cereal. Cereal is a junk food. It is completely processed. It is not going to help you in any way, shape, or form.

The other thing you’re going to want to do is avoid trans-fats. These are much more common nowadays. People are more aware of them but they still eat them on a regular basis. Because when I quiz people about their diet or intake, they almost invariably always have this coming in. The problem is to make hormones, you need fat. Fat is actually very good for you. A lot of people with a lot of hormone problems, they’re hardly eating any fat which means you cannot make most hormones. If you’re eating an artificial or a fake fat, your body can’t utilize that to manufacture hormones. By all means, stop eating that stuff. You want to eat real, whole, fresh food, fruits, veggies, meats, and good fats – more of a Mediterranean type diet. We’ll talk about that a little bit later here.

Here’s a little trick.

This is something that you’re not going to hear very often but I can tell you from experience, this is actually pretty important. We’re going to give you a little test at the end that you can do. But you want to salt your food with sea salt. If you’re really struggling, you want to get something called Celtic sea salt. Obviously, if you have a lot of blood pressure issues, you’re going to want to monitor your blood pressure, but the majority of people actually don’t have blood pressure problems when they take Celtic sea salt because it’s a natural salt. They end up having blood pressure problems from taking things like processed table salt in the big containers that they buy in bulk. That is going to create problems for you. Celtic sea salt for the vast majority of people will not cause problems. But just monitor that because you actually need salt.

When we do a purification program, which is a cleansing program. Generally we promote it in January.

There are a certain amount of people, especially if we know ahead of time, that they have some fatigue issues, they cannot go without salt. In the program, you actually eliminate salt and pepper and all other spicy, flavored things and you learn to taste food again. But when people have fatigue issues, we don’t eliminate salt because what happens is when people do the Purification Program and they don’t have salt for a week, and it might only be 3 days, they will get very tired. As soon as we give them Celtic sea salt, the next day they are just perky and normal as can be. It is fast and it is very dramatic when people do not have salt and it affects their energy systems.

You want to make sure that you have good Celtic sea salt, not processed salt. You can get away with some sea salts. There’s a varying degree in quality in sea salts. The Celtic sea salts come from the ocean. They’re as healthy as you can possibly get and they have over 80 minerals and trace minerals. It’s a very different, more natural salt.

The other thing you want to do is drink plenty of water. A lot of people, especially in the afternoon, have fatigue. Those are often dehydration fatigue symptoms. If you’re tired in the afternoon, look at your water consumption and look at what you ate for lunch because a lot of people have the afternoon sleepiness from eating too many carbohydrates or not enough water.

I actually met a lady yesterday who is drinking a couple diet sodas and some milk and was having a lot of issues. This is where water can save you because water is used in every part of your body, diet soda is not.
If we get back into more of a Mediterranean type of diet, you’re going to want to eat foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Once again, these are good fats, your body needs these. They’re called essential fats for a reason. Ninety-one percent of people actually do not have enough. Get some cold water fish, not farm-grown fish. Farm-grown fish does not have this. The Omega 3 fatty acids are almost like antifreeze for the fish. You want to get cold ocean fish. That’s why I recommend the Norwegian cod liver oil, very high in Omega 3 acids because it’s a cold ocean fish. Fish like salmon and tuna, some trout, herring, mackerel are good. Obviously a tropical fish is not going to have a lot. That’s not what we’re looking for.
Eat walnuts, even flaxseeds and green leafy vegetables will have some.

Avoid the trans-fats. You want to have mono unsaturated oils. Things like virgin or extra virgin olive oil. The things you want to avoid are canola oils. Yes, I said canola oil, because it’s a genetically modified, man-made oil. It’s not natural.

You want to eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

You want some good, natural, organic proteins. Please, please get organic if you can. The non-organic stuff almost always has estrogenic hormones which will create all types of problems for you.

You want to minimize the Omega 6 fatty acids. That’s your corn, sunflower, soy beans, and cottonseed oils. There’s a multitude of problems because most of the time, these are made into trans-fat. They’re partially hydrogenated. The Omega 6 has caused a lot of pain and inflammation problems.

You also want to avoid as much grain as you can. Cereal in the morning will perpetuate this problem. It spikes your blood sugar. You want to reduce and make sure that you eliminate grains. Make sure that your carbohydrate load is your smallest part of your day, if at all. That should help you considerably because your fat intake will go up and your hormones are made from the fats. It’s very, very good for you.

Here’s a little test for you.

When you go to bed at night, make sure you eat some protein before bed. Try not to have some ice cream or popcorn or some other junk food. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, trouble with fatigue, try this out. Try having a hard-boiled egg before bed. See how you do, because you’re going to get some fats, you’re going to get some proteins. Your body can actually make some hormones throughout the night.

The next night, try adding some salt to the eggs. If you do even better, then you can almost guarantee there’s some adrenal problems because the salt, once again, is good for your adrenals. The protein and the fats will be coming into the eggs.

Those are very simple things that you can do just tonight. See how you do. If you have questions just email docaltman(at) gmail [dot] com