Can you imaging laying on the couch achy, tired, and basically unable to move? This happened to a friends wife when she started a detox program. She was so polluted with junk that when she forced too much out, too fast, her liver and kidneys couldn’t keep up. This is fairly common, because so many people are very full of toxic debris.

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What $15,000 can buy you in testing

National Geographic paid that to test one journalist for 320 chemicals. Interestingly, he tested off the charts for PBDE, a flame-retardant chemical, ie… from mattreses, carpets, TV’s, automobiles, and even the insides of airplanes are drenched with these chemicals. These chemicals are so wide spread, they have been found in polar bears in the arctic.

The EPA reviews an average of 1,700 new chemicals every year. WOW! There are only a handful of labs that can go really deep in testing. This journalist learned that some of his chemicals likely came from his mother. We now know, cord blood of a newborn can contain over 200 chemicals.

He also did an experiment eating large fish. He had a couple meals of Halibut and Swordfish and retested his blood. His levels of mercury more than doubled. This was depressing, because I love those two fish.

It was an interesting article, if you want to read it

It highlights the point, that we are surrounded by chemicals. Daily.

Things to do:

1. Obviously, minimize the chemicals you are exposed to. The big ones would be pesticides, solvents, cosmetics, and household cleaners.
2. Eat foods, daily, that help cleanse your body. Bitter herbs, lemons, Kale, Brussels sprouts, eggs, etc.
3. Stopping things that hurt your liver, processed foods, partially hydrogenated oils, alcohol, certain meds (ask your MD), smoking, etc.
4. I find this is a big job, so I take supplements and herbs daily, to help.

Why I supplement daily?

This makes a lot of sense to me, because I have never had gallbladder problems until I moved to Salt Lake. I think a lot of it has to do with the pollution in the air. Let’s say you don’t live in a high pollution area, you could be dusting your house,  cleaning your garage or sanding some wood.
Those particles go into your lungs and then they are filtered from your blood into your liver, and your liver acts like an oil filter from your car. It removes those toxins from your blood, and dumps them out into your bile. The bile is stored in your gallbladder. This toxin filled bile is then dumped into your intestines.

The problem begins when there is too much sludge in the bile. It’s thick and it doesn’t flow. I noticed this whenever I would eat something full of fat, I would burp immediately. Bile also breaks down fat so that your body can use it and digested properly.

Betaine found in young beat leaves is also an extremely good fat emulsifier and it is a wonderful methyl donor group to help your liver detoxify. It’s good to keep bile moving and eliminating toxins. Luckily, there is a supplement to help do that. You wouldn’t have to supplement, but I don’t have access to young beet leaves very often.

Here is another liver detoxifier for you. It is called Yakriton. It is a natural antihistamine liver extract from Japanese researchers in the 1920s. Dr. Harrower wrote the book called “Practical Endocrinology” and describes this liver extract as “the detoxifying hormone of the liver.” I used this years ago to combat food allergies. It has a natural anti-histamine effect.

Let’s say you might have some constipation, arthritis, and stiff joints. That combo can be related to the byproduct of protein metabolism that has not been properly metabolized by a bloated, toxic liver.

In your liver, there are two phases of detoxification. The herb, Spanish Black Radish can help support both of these detoxification mechanisms, by supplying many needed chemicals, including sulfur. This is a natural way to get sulfur combined with it’s natural synergistic vitamins and minerals. A popular retail product would be MSM, but that doesn’t come with the natural synergists. Spanish Black Radish also helps elimination by relaxing intestinal sphincters, to keep garbage moving through your system.

That may sound pretty good to you. It sounds pretty great to me and that’s why I take a product called LIVAPLEX daily. Standard Process makes this special supplement to support the liver and detoxification. It rolls all these pieces and two more into one supplement.

I eat pretty well, but I don’t think I eat well enough to offset the constant onslaught of chemicals. You need to be doing something for your liver every day. It’s frustrating to be in a constant battle for your health, but if you don’t fight for it, no one else will. It isn’t particularly hard, but it needs to be daily.

Livaplex makes it easy to do something, daily. Call Standard Process for a local distributor. This company has been around since 1929, so there are people everywhere to get it from. If you are in Salt Lake just email me at docaltman@gmail.com