This may be one of the most important posts I’ve written.
Are you worth X dollars per hour?
Are you worth love from your family?
Are you worth ____________fill in the blank?

“Your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling, and everything to do with how you treat yourself.” -Kris Carr

How people spend their time and money is very telling of how much they value themselves. The body that you were born with is yours and it is a blessing. It is the vehicle that carries your soul around.

Most people would agree that true health is eating more than a salad and hitting the gym. Healthy people have a…

Healthy Mind
Healthy Body &
Healthy Soul

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We’ve talked about these concepts in chiropractic for more than 100 years. I look at it like this. Is your mind full of giving, caring, graciousness, love, and helping others?


Do you think about how to get things, one up someone, take from others, talk over some one or down to them?

Is your mind filled with peace?


Angst or worry?

Are you thinking about how you can race ahead of the car in front of you and cut them off, so you can get to the stoplight a microsecond earlier?


Are you leaving your house early, so you have plenty of time to drive the speed limit and not be stressed about a red light?

These may seem pretty obvious, but they are common scenarios and they affect your mind and how you go through your day. For more than 100 years, “thoughts” have been known to cause the spinal problems (subluxations), I see it every day in the office. It’s often overlooked because the patients first thought is that they “did” something.

The stress of a frantic mind is detrimental to your health. As you let the world’s problems run through your mind, the stress on your adrenal glands can decrease your immune system, increase blood sugar problems and even decrease magnesium levels. Ironically, being busy, keeps you from enjoying life and you can miss out.

Are YOU worth slowing down for? I want you to treat yourself better, because you’re worth it.  This could be my most important post ever, because I know some people reading this feel the opposite.

I started writing this on June 4th because I had a patient quit care.  She came in with very serious issues that dramatically affected her quality of life. I’m talking, she was out of work because of these problems. In a month, 2 out of 3 problems were significantly better and she was back to work.  She decided that she couldn’t afford to come in any more, even though the only reason she’s making money again is because of the chiropractic care. She didn’t value herself over bills and things. I rarely have people get such great results and decide they don’t want that any more.

I started writing this as I was thinking about her and how I can help increase every ones value of health and life. You are more than a paycheck.

Some of my best memories have come from hardship, some of the greatest lessons in life, come from difficulty. I’m pretty sure that’s how God teaches me lessons I need to learn. Life is hard.  I’m a slow learner. If you never have hardship, grief or sadness, you lose the appreciation for all the good experiences. It’s like when I did the purification process and didn’t have meat for 3 weeks. That first steak was amazing, absolutely indulgent. But, if I had eaten steak everyday, it wouldn’t have that amazing affect anymore.

Life really is filled with ups and downs. I experience it myself and I see it daily in the office. One of the harder parts to being a chiropractor is seeing people in very low places in life.

Today, I’m in a low place. Yesterday a good friend of mine decided to take his life. So, I woke up very early this morning to make sure I finished this post and let you know that you matter. No matter how low or lonely you feel, you are a gift to other people. You may not feel like it, my friend certainly didn’t feel like he was a gift, but he left a huge hole in lots of peoples hearts.

If you don’t feel loved in your current situation, it’s time to find a new one. Every person I’ve met has something to teach me. That means you have a unique skill or lesson the world needs. You may not realize it, but it’s there. If you don’t feel appreciated, or loved, it’s not you.

You matter to people, but I fear people are too busy. I fear that about myself and my friend. I had no idea he was struggling that much. I absolutely know that if he would have said one word about how he was feeling I would have been there to listen and help. If you feel like you don’t matter, now is the time to talk to someone, any one that you know. They’ll listen.

Most people, at the end of their life, won’t be wishing they’d worked more.  They often want to be with people they love and reminisce about past experiences.

This was originally going to be a long post, but I think I need to give you something that will make a lasting impression on you. It made my life better. If you’ve made it this far in the post, do yourself and your family a huge favor and watch this speech from Jim Carrey.


“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world”
-Jim Carrey

The world really needs what you have to offer.