Today I have something very special for you.
This is part 3 of our basic supplement series. Ninety-one percent of people, statistically with a researched data, have the problem that we’re going to talk about today. Most of you can benefit immensely from today’s podcast. We are talking about omega three fatty acids and my personal favorite, cod liver oil. For hundreds of years, cod liver oil has been used as a staple for people’s general health. Where did it all go?


Many times people have memories of their grandmother having some cod liver oil maybe when they were kids. But you don’t see it as often nowadays. But actually people need it more than ever. I think maybe years ago the taste was so awful that people just got rid of it from their cabinets. That’s probably understandable. But today the manufacturing has gotten to be significantly better, and it doesn’t really taste like much of anything. A lot of it just has some simple flavors like lemon. It seems to be the most common for the ones that we sell or recommend.

In recent years, the processing has gotten to the point where even my kids like it. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal for you. There’s a resurgence in interest in Vitamin D, this is where cod liver oil becomes my favorite. As people become more inside people and less outside people, there is a greater demand for Vitamin D and you can hardly watch a news show today without seeing somebody talking about the deficiencies of Vitamin D and a bazillion other diseases that it helps prevent. Most people talk about prevention of cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases with vitamin D. It’s not without trouble. It’s can also be one of the most most toxic vitamins.

The natural way you would normally get Vitamin D is from the sunshine and your food. It goes in to your liver and it creates an active Vitamin D hormone and you get the health benefits from that. The best way to get Vitamin D is actually sunshine, but that’s not the only way. Sometimes for those of us who spend a lot of time inside, we need to get it in our diet. That’s where cod liver oil comes in, because it also occurs with Vitamin A which has a natural protective benefit.

In nature, vitamin A and vitamin D occur together for a reason. I think we are overlooking that sometimes when people say “Oh you’re low in D, therefore take D.” I do want you to realize that I always believe that natural is better. That’s why God put those two together in animals because they occur together and they have a synergestic effect. I prefer that over just taking an isolated D compound.
The amount you get is proportional to the amount of skin exposure if you’re going to be out in the sun. In the northern half of the United States during winter especially, you’ll essentially get no vitamin D. Your diet becomes even more important. If you even use something like SPF 8, it reduces the production of Vitamin D in your skin by 98%. Once again, when we need to go back to making sure that we eat diet full of Vitamin D.

If you are a vegetarian, you could be in a bit of trouble, because this is an animal based product. Your supplementation is going to be even more critical. If you don’t believe me, please take the omega 3 vitamin test that is an essential fatty acid test, that we’ll talk about at the end. It’s a simple little blood test. It could be shocking to you, even if you think you’re healthy. If you get a chance to listen to Garret’s interview, Garret is a very healthy guy. He’s done all kinds of stuff, and he was totally shocked that his omega 3 fatty acids were not in a normal range.

One of the things that you need to know about skin exposure is that cholesterol in the skin is made into Vitamin D by the sun, that’s the UVB rays. I would seriously be concerned about your health damage from cholesterol lowering drugs. For example, some of these cholesterol drugs interfere and accelerate the destruction of skin cholesterol. It will therefore create secondary problems that you probably didn’t count on.
Skin conversion decreases also as your age. For example, a 70-year old makes 4 times less Vitamin D than a 20-year old. As you age, Vitamin D from your diet is even more important. Your skin only makes so much then it gets full in the areas of the skin making it. If you only got your hands and your face out, you’re going to saturate your ability pretty quick.

Vitamin D only comes from animals. If you’re going to basically follow my advice and get your Vitamin D from your food… If you’re a life guard or you’re a park ranger or you’re somebody who spends an extraordinary amount time in the sun, this is not for you. You basically need to fall back and just take fish oil. But pretty much 91% of you need some sort of fish oil because the essential fatty acids are what were really after. With cod liver oil, you’ll get a nice benefit because most people are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin A is actually one of the best things for your immune system. It’s a great thing especially in the winter time. But even in the summer time, I spend so much time inside. I don’t get enough D. Obviously if we go for a hike or we spend some time on Lake Powell, then I don’t take cod liver oil.

If you want to go straight food, you don’t want to take any supplements, you can basically drink some blood…become a vampire. That’s where the highest concentrations of vitamin D is. Next you’re going to get cod liver oil. Then you’re going to have the fish marlin, chum salmon, herring, halibut, tuna, duck eggs, mackerel, regular salmon, canned sardines, chicken eggs, pork liver, unfortified whole milk, beef liver and pork. Most absorption occurs in the small intestine, but that depends on bile salt from your gallbladder. If you’ve had your gallbladder out, you must be on a bile salt supplement. My favorite is something called Cholacol from Standard Process for the rest of your life. You will be missing a part of your body for the rest of your life, if you’ve had it out, so you need to make up for it and that will help you digest fats.

Here are a couple of things for you. We need essential fatty acids. Everybody needs that. We need to make sure that you’re getting more than you probably are right now. This is why the supplements are important. Essential fatty acids do some very important things because they decrease pain. They decrease inflammation. Primarily, we’re talking about omega 3 fatty acids. Most people are taking too many omega 6 fatty acids in their diet because they are eating cereal in the morning or toast for their sandwiches or pasta for their evening meals. That is going to increase the omega 6 fatty acids dramatically. Primarily, what we’re after fixing is the omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio because most people are getting way too many omega 6s every single day and hardly any omega 3s.

This is where the testing is important because it really sets you up for understanding how important this is. They actually have a doom ratio. If your ratios are so far outbalanced, then it will basically be a matter of time before you get a chronic disease or illness. It’s not if, or maybe. It is going to be just matter of a when. It’s important that you know what your ratio is because if it’s too high, you can fix it now before something terrible happens to you, and you get diagnosed with something you don’t really want to know about. I especially want you to consider taking some sort of fish oil. Cod liver oil is nice. Get it tested. Find out where you’re at.

They’re called essential fatty acids for a reason. They are essential. Your body needs them to function properly. So many people are not in a normal ratio. It’s actually 91% of people according to lab tests. This is something that you can do to benefit yourself immensely and start easily today. It’s not hard. If you want the best stuff, I would say the fermented stuff from Green Pastures is probably the best thing. It’s a traditional way to make that. The trouble is I taste… I did a taste test in the office years ago. Seventy-five percent of the people couldn’t stomach the taste. It’s a little on a raunchy side because of the fermentation. But it’s a natural way to make it. They do make it in a pill but if your digestion isn’t very good, and you burp that up, it’s not going to taste very good coming back up.

If you’re really struggling or you need to desperately increase those ratios, I would do it. Just suck it up and deal with it. My favorite right now is from Standard Process. They make the cleanest cod liver oil. They don’t add anything to it. They don’t take any away from it, which is unlike the most cod liver oils in the market place because companies add Vitamin D or Vitamin A. They tinker with it and the ratios aren’t in a natural form. That’s the easiest to obtain. We have no problems with anybody taking it. They’re in little pearl form. They even have little lemon flavored just in case you do have little digestive distress.

The other thing is if you’re not able to get Standard Process from a chiropractor or me, you’re not able to order the fermented stuff from Green Pastures, then I would say Carlson’s from Whole Foods or some other natural health food store. It’s probably the easiest to obtain. They do make a very clean one except they do add vitamins back in. It’s not 100% as natural and holistic as you could be. But off the shelf, if you need something right now, and you want to start, that’s probably the easiest thing to do.

Right now we just order Standard Process because it’s shelf stable. You don’t have to refrigerate it, as well, which the other two, if they’re more liquid forms, you have to refrigerate them. It’s easier that way, but you can do whichever you choose. If you want Standard Process, you can just go to their website standardprocess.com. You can find the local distributor if you’re from outside Utah. Otherwise if you’re in Utah, give me a quick email or a call. The website is slcsaw.com and we will chat more later about other supplements. But today, I just want you to focus on getting your omega 3 fatty acids into your diet. Have a great day!