Yes, there only 3. However, inside of each component it can be a lot of possibilities. Let me give you the 3 big ideas. I’ve been a chiropractor for nearly 2 decades. Since the beginning of chiropractic in 1895, these 3 concepts have been known. I’ve seen them directly in practice to be true.

These directly lead to pain, but pain itself is only a perception in the brain. We’ll talk about that later. The 3 origins of problems are:

Toxins &

Traumas are pretty easy. It can be a big hit like a car accident. A friend of mine was rear-ended recently and the 6th disc in his neck blew out and temporarily paralyzed him. It can also be micro traumas over many years, such as sitting at a desk.

Toxins are often over looked, but it happens a lot when people do the purification program. They have significant reductions in pain. Toxins are harmful to your body and are a constant source of stress.

Thoughts are perhaps the hardest to understand but often the most critical. One, all pain is just a perception by your brain. Two, pain can be a coping mechanism for traumatic experiences. Three, pain is your friend trying to get your attention or warn you of something. That can be physical, chemical, or emotional.

These three concepts were pioneered by the early chiropractors. Candice Pert, the discoverer or opiates in the brain, later validated these 3 things as critical to the determination of your health.

We’ve already tackled one chemical thing, that was using omega-3 fatty acids. We added a physical component with massage and next week we’ll add a critical emotional component with an interview with a special guest.

I just want you to understand why chiropractic is so important in modern life. People in general, sit a lot, could be driving or at a desk. Sitting is terrible for your spine.

How about this girl? Look at her neck.

You will see a lot more headaches, shoulder, neck and arm pains in the next 10 years from smart phones.

Pain is your blinking red light on your dash board of life. It’s the last chance for your body to get your attention that something is wrong. Most people come into the office in pain. The problems they have are usually from years of issues.

A 2012 study looked at 589 low back pain patients from 30 different clinical practices. 7% Primary Care 67% Physical Therapy
19% Chiropractic 7% Surgical spine

They wanted to know, are low back reoccurrences common?
They found 73% had previous episodes of pain.

Remember pain is your friend. It’s telling you there is a problem that warrants your attention.

Do low back pain episodes worsen with multiple reoccurrences? YES…61% of the time.

This is from the Open Rehabilitaion Journal 2013; No. 6 Russ Hauser M.D.

“The long-term consequence of non-healed ligament injury is osteoarthritis, the most common joint disorder in the world today.”

Eventually someone gets the big, big, big one and they come in for help all bent over. If you have multiple episodes over 20 years, you are likely following down the yellow brick road to a degenerative spine. If you have spine pain, don’t wait, see the chiropractor.

Dr. Hauser also makes a point to note that steroid injections and NSAID drugs inhibit the proper healing of ligaments.

That means, if your first reaction is to pop a couple pain pills, you may very well be creating a more permanent injury, or weaken your ligaments, that would allow for an easier reinjury.

When degeneration happens, the nervous system itself is affected, and that can alter the function of any part of your body at the other end. Think, your organs, your hands, your feet, your brain, etc.

Back in the 1920’s, Harry Windsor M.D. studied 50 cadavers “to determine whether any connection existed between minor curvatures of the spine, on the one hand, and diseased organs on the other.”

In these 50 cadavers there were 139 diseased organs. He traced 128 of those diseased organs to a curve in the spine, directly.

This is how spine problems can affect your health. That is perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve seen as a chiropractor. Pain brings problems to your attention, but the long term use of chiropractic adjustments has made people healthier.

I had my insomnia go away with adjustments. My energy improved. My headaches went away. I’ve seen bladders work better, stomach pain go away, hypoglycemic tremors stop immediately, asthma improve, hearing come back, immune systems improve and on and on.

This is really about why pain is important and why chiropractic is important. We’ll cover the “how” it works later.

I just want to leave you with this observation from seeing a lot of geriatric patients. There is a big difference between an 80 year old who has had 50 years of chiropractic care and an 80 year old that has had none. It’s not just about pain, it’s also about function and overall health.

-Dr. Altman

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