We all know that hospitals use drugs. They are the driving force behind the opioid addictions and the prime reason I’m writing this series. If you just joined the email series this is part 3 of natural pain reduction. You can add today’s lesson to your life so easily.

A hospital in Flagstaff Arizona wanted to investigate how massage helped patients across many different ailments. In particular, they were interested in cardiac rehab. The opioid drugs they initially take delay healing and prolong hospitalization.

The Effects of Massage Therapy on Pain Management in the Acute Care Setting. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 2010;3(1):4-11.

“The experience of hospitalization creates pain and anxiety for many people, regardless of their underlying medical condition. The goal of the present study was to explore how massage therapy would affect a patient’s perception of pain in the acute care setting.”

“The qualitative data illustrated improvement in all areas, with the most significant areas of impact reported being overall pain level, emotional well-being, relaxation, and ability to sleep.”

Massage was able to induce a relaxed state that lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, decreased muscle tension, decreased oxygen consumption and lowered cortisol levels.

Not only was perception of pain lowered, but also perception of the need for pain medication. Significantly, more than half the participants (52.7%) felt that they needed less pain medication after receiving massage therapy.

If you have chronic pain, anxiety or an increase in stress lately, massage may help you a lot. Adriana, our therapist, works on me about once a week.

To get you introduced to massage, through the month of September, if you buy an hour massage you get a bonus 15 minutes. Just text the office if you want the bonus (833) AGE-WELL. I have to add the bonus to the appointment.

You or someone very close to you could make major changes in 6 weeks if you incorporate all of these tips.

-Dr. Altman

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