You have kids? If not, I’m sure you were a kid once. You may still be a kid 🙂

If you have them, you know how important they are to you. What’s your worst nightmare? Mine is something terrible happening to my kids.

Last February, my wife and I were on a date. My son calls with a broken cell signal and because of the noise of the restaurant neither my wife or I could hear the ring. All we heard was the message that my daughter was injured.

My son and daughter were skiing together and she crashed. Bad.

We went into panic mode. They were on the mountain and my son got terrible cell signal. We couldn’t get through. Panic, panic, panic.

We sat in the truck waiting…praying…waiting…praying. We had no idea where to go. We didn’t know exactly where she was.

My next phone call was from the EMT on the mountain telling me she had a very bad broken femur. I’ll save you the gory details, but she had surgery that night. I had to call on all of my resources and knowledge to help my child. We had a long 3 months ahead of us.

Here we had a child with one of the most painful injuries a human can have coupled with surgery and significant blood loss. She was given heavy doses of OxyContin every few hours. This is an opioid painkiller.

My wife and I took turns waking up in the middle of the night just to give her pain killers. I knew they were harmful, but she was in so much pain.

Why am I telling you this?

I was able to get her off opioid pain meds in 3 weeks.

I have spent 2 decades with people in chronic pain as a chiropractor. I’ve learned a few things over the years and we have a national epidemic boiling over into chronic drug use.

September is the hospital systems chronic pain awareness month. Funny thing is, the medical system started and perpetuates the epidemic and everyone goes along for the ride. It seems the medical system does want to reform and stop turning people into heroin addicts. Yes, heroin is the next step for many addicts because it is almost the exact same thing as an opioid pain killer.

This is why the president has declared a national emergency over this.

Did you know that about 142 people a day…A DAY… Die from an opioid pain killer overdose? That’s 51,830 a year. Expectations are to rise.

In the Vietnam War 47,434 soldiers were killed in action over 18 YEARS, 3 months, and 29 days.

The United States uses more opioids than any other country, by a huge margin. I’ll bet you can figure out why.

If not, and you have Netflix you should watch Prescription Thugs. It has a little bit of salty language, but it highlights the problem our country faces in a very relatable way.

Let me give you another example. Let’s say your dad is an alcoholic and he lives in an apartment above a bar. Every day he walks by the bar and smells the booze. How long do you think it’ll be before he goes in and has a drink?

The problem with the solutions being offered are the same as the alcoholic. The people still have chronic pain. You can take a different drug, but it’s still a drug or go into rehab. But ultimately, they will still have the underlying problem…pain.

I’ve done this long enough to know, some people use pain as a way to get attention from family or friends. Some people have had surgery and the nerves are severed so they have pain, but most people do have fixable chronic pain.

One of the biggest reasons I see people having chronic pain is that they have a lifestyle that perpetuates it. The next 6 weeks will highlight those habits. Plus, at the end of the series I’ll give you a list of the supplements I used to help my daughter, because ironically enough she is going back in for surgery this September to take out the titanium nail in her leg.

So here is my request. Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll learn more about chronic pain and ways to naturally fix it than you’ll ever learn from the govrnmnt or the medics.

We as a country need to rethink what we know and how we treat chronic pain. I need you to help me make a difference.

Send this to your friends. Have them sign up to get the emails. Since most of the solutions are free or nearly free, and easily available, we as a group can make changes. The drug pumpers aren’t going to teach you how to be healthy and pain free, they don’t want that for you.

You or someone very close to you could make major changes in 6 weeks.

Opioids are a slippery slope to heroin. Look up what heroin does. The time to change someone’s life is now.
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-Dr. Altman

P.S. Watch Prescrition Thugs on Netflix. This will prep you for a new understanding of pain.