People often ask me about supplements because they either know they need to take more, or they want to simplify what they are taking, or upgrade to something more natural.
People are more interested in nutrition, in general, now-a-days than ever before. Over the past 17 years, I’ve seen a great shift in the thinking of most people about their health over all, more people are choosing organic foods, eco-cleaners, farmers markets, and most patients take supplements.

I started using Supplements in practice about 16 years ago because patients were struggling to heal. I’ve noticed a trend, about every 7-10 years it seems to be a harder for people to heal. As I learned more, and realized whole food supplements and herbs wield tremendous power to help people, so I started counseling people from all over.

It took me about 5 years to see a stark difference in patients. All of the patients I was adjusting and giving supplements to were doing much better than the ones who were just getting supplements. And so my number one rule for supplements began.

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“Supplements come second”

I still don’t counsel people about nutrition unless they are getting adjusted. So, when people call me from other areas of the country for help, I’m glad to help, but my first question is, “When was the last time you got adjusted?”

Every action in your body is controlled by your nervous system, every one. Your nervous system is influenced by the function of your spine. The University of Colorado found that a misalignment can cause up to a 60% loss of function of the nerve. How much pressure does it take? About the weight of a nickel.

By their very name “supplements”, they are supplemental. Meaning they are used to help off-set missing vitamins and minerals, to help the patient regain their health or maintain their health. The reality is that supplements are necessary by nearly every one. Researchers started seeing nutritional deficiencies back in the 1920’s. The nutritional situation of America is much worse today.
Those are things I think about when I am feeling bad or awesome. Yes, I get adjusted and take supplements even when I feel amazing, because I still want to feel amazing 20 years from now. So this is just a reminder for many of you long-time readers and possibly new info for those of you who I haven’t adjusted.

For the best results… make sure you are getting adjusted by a chiropractor no matter where you live.

#1 Get adjusted. Even if you are only getting adjusted 1x a month that’s enough for many of you to keep your body running very well.

#2 Use whole food supplements. That means the supplements are still living foods not ripped apart dead, deficient, items from a national brand. If you see your supplements on TV. They are not worth buying.

There are 3 main things driving these nutritional needs.

1. Toxicity: It’s everywhere. Polluted water, food and air.
2. Processed foods: It’s everywhere.
3. The “How cute am I?” effect. Let’s face it, people want to look good.

But, to be healthy and look good requires a few things, besides new clothes and a good haircut. The glow that radiates healthy energy, good skin and an award winning smile comes from great nutrition and some good posture from getting adjusted regularly. Good isn’t good enough any more.

Finding real food is easy. That includes fruits, veggies, and meats and other things that don’t come in packages. Real food is available in every town.

Real food supplements are harder to find. They aren’t generally on store shelves. You have to order them from somewhere. So why go through the hassle?

#1 The nutrition in most food today is very low compared to even 50 years ago.
#2 The amount of processed food people eat is alarming.
#3 Supplements without actual food ingredients you can recognize, are made like processed foods. They can not nourish your body.


– nearly everyone needs a multivitamin. There is much more info in my Supplement guide.


Processing of food either creates a void of vitamins and minerals or it renders them useless. Let me give
you an example, “natural forms of vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol) lose up to ninety-nine percent of there potency when separated from their natural synergists, (tannins, fatty acids and phospholipids).” Annual Rev. Biochemistry, 1943, P.381

Also, in 1943, D.T. Quigley M.D. wrote the book “The National Malnutrition”.
I actually have the book in my possession.
On Page 54
“A study of the requirements for normal nutrition and a study as to how well
the average dietary meets these requirements leads to the conclusion that
the average diet of the average civilized person of the present time is a
deficient diet. Civilization has brought with it factory foods, and factory
foods have in no way contributed to health. On the contrary, in every case
where factory foods have been adopted, health has been seriously

Nearly everyone needs to support their liver for daily detoxification.

What $15,000 can buy you in testing.

National Geographic paid that to test one journalist for 320 chemicals.
Interestingly, he tested off the charts for PBDE, a flame-retardant chemical, ie… from mattresses, carpets, TV’s, automobiles, and even the insides of airplanes are drenched with these chemicals. These chemicals are so wide spread, they have been found in polar bears in the arctic.

The EPA reviews an average of 1,700 new chemicals every year. WOW! There are only a handful of labs that can go really deep in testing. This journalist learned that some of his chemicals likely came from his mother. We now know, cord blood of a newborn can contain over 200 chemicals.

He also did an experiment eating large fish. He had a couple meals of Halibut and Swordfish and retested his blood. His levels of mercury more than doubled. This was depressing, because I love those two fish.

It highlights the point, that we are surrounded by chemicals. Daily. You can not escape them.

Things to do:
1. Obviously, minimize the chemicals you are exposed to. The big ones would be pesticides, solvents, and household cleaners.
2. Eat foods, daily, that help cleanse your body. Bitter herbs, lemons, Kale, Brussels sprouts, eggs, etc.
3. Stopping things that hurt your liver, processed foods, partially hydrogenated oils, alcohol, certain meds (ask your MD), smoking, etc.
4. I find this is a big job, so I take supplements and herbs daily, to help.

Nearly everyone needs omega 3 essential fatty acids. It would be best to read the rest in the Supplement guide.