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We are here to help people who are tired of chemically managing symptoms and want to discover a simpler, easier, and more natural way to live a healthier life.

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Download this free actionable breast cancer prevention strategy guide.

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Chronic Pain Relief

This is a free cheat sheet on how to change the course of someones life who is addicted to pain killers. I know from personal experience it can be done in 3 weeks. It is also vitally important for you, if you have regular pain.

Stress reduction cheat sheet

We all have stress, but how you handle it can make the difference between life and death. This is the science of stress boiled down to a cheat sheet of effective ways to manage stress.

Gluten sensitivity super simple cheat sheet

Not sure if you’re sensitive to gluten? Check the sheet.
Need to see where it’s hiding in your food? Check the sheet.
It’s a simple one page sheet you can hang on your fridge.

Check which hormones you're low in

Do you feel like your hormone balance is off? It may be. Here is a fast, simple quiz based on the world authority in endocrinology. It’s a cheat sheet to start evaluating your hormones.

Accelerated laser fat loss

This has been very helpful for people with stubborn areas of fat. For 10 years he couldn’t get rid of that roll. Plus, he is an exercise instructor and was so frustrated.

Get the full information guide here

Adjustments to help yoga and exercise

Purification program (clean out your junk)

This is one of our most popular programs. It’s a 4 week program to detoxify and repair your body. It can change your life in so many ways. I’ve used it for over a decade. It works better than anything else I’ve seen.

Not sure it’s for you. Take the toxicity quiz designed by 2 PhD’s.
Toxicity quiz

The meaning of gray hair

There is a reason your hair is gray and it’s not your kids. You will want to read this if you are going gray.

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We are in Murray Utah.

5445 S. 900 E. Murray, Ut 84117

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I write about natural health topics that are simple and effective.

You will learn a lot.


Interviews with successful people who will change your life and how you see the world.  They range from Salt Lake moguls to Cambodian refugees.

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Hi there, I’m Dr. Altman. When people ask me what I do for a living I usually tell them, “I’m a chiropractor”. That often yields some entertaining answers. What I really want to tell them is, “I help people who struggle to get through the day with chronic pain and desperately want a healthy, vibrant body. I show them how to get more out of life, while at the same time making it feel simple.”

I have a D.C. degree. D.C stands for Doctor of Chiropractic. A lot of people don’t realize that it takes more class room hours and more National Board exams than a medical degree. I’ve been featured in two published books. I spent the winter of 2012 as the official chiropractor of Snowbird Ski Resort.

After practicing for the last 19 years, I’ve learned a lot about simplifying life and health using chiropractic adjustments, whole food nutrition, and whole food supplements. I regularly educate patients with email lessons, podcasts (I interview really interesting people from millionaires to refugees), and online classes.

Are you ready for a REAL healthy life and learning more? I’d suggest you sign up for my weekly email / podcast. I try very hard not to waste your time with meaningless fluff and I try and bring you super helpful or interesting people that have a lot to offer.

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